Drawing Day – charcoal experiments

Drawing 3

Drawing Day – 30th October 2015

The drawing day was led by Jude Thomas with David and Richard.  All four of us responded to a charcoal drawing by Rodd Bugg, accessed with some difficulty from the Northumbria archive via a small pixelated image.  We worked in our own ways, I restricted myself to charcoal on paper trying to find new ways to draw.  At first gestural and haphazard and then by seeking some control.  I worked on 4 drawings simultaneously – trying for a different concept in each, recording different states as the day went on.  It was amazingly therapeutic, communal and ultimately useful, because it has cemented the possibility of drawing as a parallel or complimentary exploration of the 36 views idea.  At the end of the session I put together a grid of progress photos together.

Drawing day

However the most successful and interesting was the 4th drawing created by transferring charcoal onto the page only – i.e.: no use of stick.  I used everything from tape, teabags to glue and paper to transfer the charcoal from the floor and the other drawings.

Drawing 4

The crit was useful, helping to validate the idea and outcome, also reinforcing the things learnt from colleagues. A good progress day with potential more sketchbook responses using discarded charcoaled materials as a collage medium.  Charcoal is wood without smoke……



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