The Map – version 1

36 views - First annotated map
36 views – First annotated map

The 36 views project is partly about geographical location.  The factory is marked in red and the shoot areas in yellow(Early 2015) and Orange (September -October 2015) The vantage points of the steam cloud are defined partly by the contours of the landscape, blocking and revealing around the valley spurs and sides, and partly by the landscape features, woods and houses which also frame and reveal the views.  Roads and paths define access to the vantage points.  I am using various ways of getting to these places, mainly car, but also bike and walking. I am avoiding trespass on private property, but allowing some ‘drift’ from public rights of way to the edges of fields to get a ‘view’. I am also seeking fortuitous access through friendship and contacts for some views from private living spaces. The map is becoming useful as it allows some planning now, from this version, I can see that I need to look for close up work on south bank of the River Tyne and much more to North and West.  The map also suggests that a more formal plan could be conceived – on a planned set of radials at 10 degree intervals for example, or a conceived sundial? all with the Egger factory in the centre point.

The decision making about ‘which view’ may be a combination of rival factors: The apparent randomness of the geography and accepting this as a given,   and the conscious decision making of where to stand and place the camera within that geography.  In recent shoots I have knowingly composed photographs in a classic manor – using the features to formally frame the steam cloud in the distance shots. This emphasises the omnipresence of the steam cloud in this geography.

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