Self Publish Be Happy

The self publish movement – is an answer to the question ‘How to distribute photography and publish beyond a regulated art world.’ Self Publish Be Happy is a five year old website and blog that documents the self published artist book.  A sample of books, a manual and a manifesto is gathered in a new book published by author artist and founder Bruno Ceschel under the same name.

Self Publication is: ‘…a tradition based on resistance and defiance – to power, ideology, the status quo, and the market.  Political and religious pamphlets, erotic novels, futurist manifestos, dadist journals, punk and skate zines: these publications have not only disseminated ideas via alternative channels, but also created a social space around them.  Their circulation has been an agent of aggregation, of social interaction and exchange.’  – Bruno Ceschel (2015)

Fascinating collections of artists in book and on website.

James Hoff – To Any Reader, Hide Awhile (Wait), the Curtain Remembers a Useless Landscape, VI, VII, 2015 (FROM SPBH website)

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