Mouse tails – a pop up exhibition

Exhibition poster: Mousetails – design by Karen Sikora
Installation view:      left: Marta Costa Silva             Right: pym

A one day pop-up exhibition in Northumbria University as part of the MA Programme.

A number of our cohort set up a brief exhibition to trial ideas.

My objective was to create a first showing of work defined into a grid.  Input from fellow exhibitors helped develop more aspects of the work, firstly by breaking the grid to suggest movement, like particles colliding and spreading – an image of the steam moving.  Secondly the grid was altered by emphasising the frame as object or commercial product by displaying the packaging itself.  Some of the frames have their cardboard protectors on, the rest are discarded, shed like skins on the floor.  Thirdly, the string lines used for squaring up the frames seemed to link into the work and emphasise the point of origin.  The whole installation now appears to emerge from the cardboard box and take flight or disperse.  All these ideas came collaboratively, I hope I gave back as much input to the other exhibitors, this is the value of group exhibitions – the ability to respond to others immediately and so collectively define the space.  Feedback was generally good. The mix of media, drawn elements as well as photography and photograms and cyanotypes – seemed to appeal to viewers.

Detail views below and then questions…..


  1. Is the ‘grid’ done or is this a format or scheme that can now be shown in many forms?
  2. Is the next stage to develop further into 3d?…… the photos have left their box, shed their packaging and escaped the grid, is the next stage to leave the room? or leave 2dimensions behind?
  3. Is there more work to do on dispersal?
  4. I continue to fret about the coldness or distance set up with viewers, is it engaging enough? Is there an idea, visual or otherwise that people will be actively engaged with?
  5. Is the whole thing just good experimenting?

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