Isle of Man 

Journey to another Island….I travelled to the Isle of Man at the end of March to take part in an exhibition c0-curated by Helen Fox and Colette Davies called Just under the surface The travel was extensive, firstly by car to Heysham in Lancashire, a small port dominated by a vast power station, then 3 plus hours on a 1970’s style car ferry to arrive in Douglas.  Cars roll straight off into the city centre, which changes from old port buildings to shopping centre and on round the beach to the gran victorian and edwardian resort hotels and theatres.  All the time the wonderful clear air and reflected clarity of light catches the buildings and reflects the sky.  One night we drove over the fells to the port of Peel, a beautiful sea village with real ale pub and a surprising contrast between the ancient castle and the modern concrete marina and fishing harbour, dominated by another chimney from the power station. The weather kept and the clear air and light reflected off every surface whenever I left the gallery, all until a rainy crossing to return seen through grimy ferry windows.


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