Coleman – Leiter – Strand

Gallery visits in London and some thoughts:

james coleman @ marian goodman gallery

saul leiter @ photographers gallery

This Saul Leiter retrospective was a beautifully curated and presented exhibition of Leiter‘s work. There is so much to potentially write about, but the relationship of Leiter the painter to Leiter the photographer was fascinating, the exhibition included both and demonstrated the importance of understanding the potential of colour, the ability of the photographer to select or compose for colour, edit for colour, and in Leiter’s case distort colour by film and processing choices.

paul strand @ V&A

Also seen…….

ICA – Betty Woodman and Dennis Morris (Pil)

Photographers Gallery – Easter Rising and ROSÂNGELA RENNÓ

stephen gill @photographers gallery

First time that I have really encountered stephen gill.  I bought ‘Not in service’, a paper publication with words by Ian Sinclair.  I am writing these notes later, so have more lately connected his work with recent thoughts on ‘derive’ or ‘drift’.  I am drawn to his ability to capture the location – Sinclair describes this as ‘ both evidence and urban poetry’. Two potentially interesting technical ideas are the photographs taken with objects inserted into the camera and also the rephotographing of objects placed on top of a photograph. 

Serpentine – hilma Af Klint

Serpentine 2 – Das institut


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