A month of collages

During March I made a ‘collage’ a day.  This was partly a set task but it became an opportunity to look at a number of possibilities, these developed over time as the project continued:

  1. The collages would continue the themes already explored. A collage would be started each day but not completed.  They would be a book with the thought that they could be torn out if they became of interest.
  2. The collages would be quickly made and would not be too precious.
  3. Cyanotype would continue to be the theme – could it be combined with mixed media?
  4. Materials would be varied but  basic everyday papers would predominate – also plastics and transparencies.
  5. Glue would be PVA – it wrinkles and distorts paper – this would be part of it.  It is also a glue with minimal or next to minimal impacts in terms of fumes or unfortunates side effects.  Glue would be a material added as a collage element, possibly drawn with or layered.  PVA is water soluble and therefore interacts with other water soluble  materials – attacking the colours in inkjet prints.
  6. Text and diagrams could be experimented with
  7. There would be references to the photographic process – each collage would have some part that was made by photographic process
  8. There could be references to the science of pollution and its dispersal.
  9. The idea of chemical and colour staining would be part of some collages.

31 images plus 3 extras – a selection of the work in progress below, I will scan some on completion, which must happen by this weekend.

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