The Ghosts of clouds

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The Ghosts of Clouds


In the whole 15 minutes of unmediated time

The vast continent of clouds approaches,

Never arriving, giving out its tentacles

Threatening to twist thoughts into shadows,

Instead little corals and doughnuts part company,

Scud and turn porous filigrees in their wake

Once shells, now carousels

And finally ghosts, the ghosts of clouds.


If my heartbeat slowed, it was reluctant,

If my mind cleared, it was under protest,

If the wet patch on the trampoline seam

Reminded me that time for me was time

Only for Art, only for Holiday,

Only for me, only me.


The last seconds of recorded time,

Mind long gone, set off like the clouds

To turn base desires into golden webs of crafted ideas

And action, always action.

The ghosts of clouds.


Sunday 10th March 11.40 am.

workinprogressapril (11 of 11)



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