April Crit.

I set up groups of new work to show recent developments for my recent crit:

I rigged an ‘exhibition style’ presentation in a small white room in Baltic 39, making a snap decision that this would probably be the best way of showing it and then deciding to put everything I had brought with me up onto the walls and therefore seeking comment on all recent developments.

I have had a few changes of view as to the conclusions to this crit.  In many ways it was highly useful for appreciating that much of what I thought I was achieving was not getting across with the work displayed, in that way, in that space, to that audience.  I need to look much more clearly at my intentions and motivations and primarily to edit.  The title of this post is a reminder to prepare more carefully……

General Views

36 Views: Cyanotypes – developments from cyanotype experiments

36 views – chipboard collages – developments from collage experiments

Cultural Distance: Digital prints from film captures, using London shoot

Cultural Distance – Cyanotypes from negative contact prints in 3d boxes, using London negatives

Linking current work to recent previous developments to Just Under The Surface – a mood board of photos from exhibition in the Isle of Man.

Aprilcrit (20 of 26)


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