‘But I miss that’

Writing as image capture –  This is a record of a response to a task suggested by Vicky Sturrs (inspired by Guy Debord’s ‘Derive’ or ‘drift’ implied by understandings of Debord’s definition of psychogeography).

The below was composed during a 30 minute walk along a small sector of a circumference line centred around Baltic. To be read by two voices:

Second version as an audio clip


The gaps between


like missing teeth, obviously

This site is managed by UKCPS ltd

are real lost places

Waterfronts With Stunning Views

forgotten presences waiting

(Conditions apply – see main site for details)

unreclaimed, part re-landscaped, blighted

WARNING! Wheel clamping removal zone

Still used for the wrong things

Permit Holder Only




Please dispose of cigarette ends in the bins provide anyone caught throwing ends on the floor will be reported to company management who will be charged for additional cleaning costs incurred.


Dryriser inlet – Fire Exit – KEEP CLEAR

maybe thinking, escaping, living

Use Handrail   –   Use Handrail

Landscaped steps to wire barriers, glass reflections of absent things


‘But I miss that’

The response was read immediately with little rehearsal  and this can be listened too here.

immediate audience of fellow workshop participants invited me to comment on it – I described it as an intent to capture a kind of dystopian landscape, part redeveloped, but not resolved, creating a muddled public space dominated by botched planning, corporate landscaping and oppressive signage that was more about ownership and behaviour than about the spaces created or the people who might inhabit them.


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