Double Take: Drawing and Photography

Exhibition at the photographer’s gallery and drawing room

Jolanda Havelkova First Time Skating, 2008-2009 © The Artist

The half of the exhibition shown at the photographer’s gallery used a wide definition of drawing to connect photographic process with drawing process.  Richard Forster’s Three Verticals, is an extraordinary work of drawing reproducing his own photographs of the seashore and tideline at Saltburn beach.  The vertical presentation changes this commonplace view, flattening it onto the picture plane and emphasising the image as being both constructed and as a photographic capture.


Havelkova’s first time skating, is a series of photos that are almost entirely flat, reducing the depiction to the flat paper plane, to record the elliptical scratches of skates in ice, the frozen grains ice become like the grains of photographic salt.  All the works seem to link to origins of photography – the intentions of its pioneers like Henry Fox Talbot to devise an essentially romantic process to capture images that was a rival to drawing. Processes like the photograms of Maholy Nagy and Curtis Moffat, recording directly on paper using chemicals were mirrored in the work of Anna Barribal where graphite forced into the fibres of paper records the textures and three dimensional qualities possible from manipulated paper.

Marcel Broodthaers’ and Nancy Heelbrand’s interest in writing and calligraphy recorded in photography, presented changed texts that invited translation or interpretation, like Fox Talbot’s photographs on ancientgreek and assyrian texts.


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