And Rauschenberg

Rauschenberg made Cyanotypes

And they looked like this:

and this

And he made works  in series over time

And he used photos sampled or taken from his own collection

And he collaborated with dancers and dance companies – for example Merce Cunningham – view from 6 minutes into this film of night wandering

And he was inspired by text as poetry – Dante’s inferno’s-inferno

And in Frank O’Hara memory of my feelings – poem “a step away from them’

And this is Rauschenberg’s illustration/response.

And he used screen print onto plexiglass

And then using screenprinted plexiglass to view things through eg: space shuttle Cape Canavarel 1984

And his work can be seen as short stories (2000-2002)

And he used an encaustic wax to lock images onto new substrates – shales series 1994-5

And he loved grey and whited out images using them in the phantom and nightshade works of the early 1990’s

And he combined images of classic art with modern illustrations in the Bellini series 1986

And everywhere was photography, photography as art. Constructed images in the photem series –  and particularly after the 1980’s using more of his own photography

And solvent transfer – infact all methods of image transfer.

And he championed environmentalism


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