Sycamore – image and text together


Starting to move towards a ‘publication format’. I think the black background is great. White text works well – but this must be off the picture, composition demands a balance between text and image and overlap is an invasion of one on the other.

Handwriting is now a possibility, in the  image above the writing is done with fine pen on exposed negative film and then scanned.   I like the idea of my handwriting and the effect of it being scanned or ‘developed’ as if it were a negative.  My handwriting is terrible and its flow sporadic,  so I have tried some versions with a more organised style of handwriting and applied these to recent photos medium format negatives to create these compositions and looked at them printed largea1 felled


The next thing to try was how this would work if the images were returned to something close to their capture size, to a strip. the size of an actual film negative….



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