Thinking onwards – film strips or scrolls

I have started to think about showing the images as a  book, then as a ‘strip book’ and taking that to the logical extreme as a redited strip to the same size as the original capture film.  This could work as positive print or negative film….first trials below

or indeed as scrolls, looking at the Japanese tradition again:

Video of a traditional Kakejiku – Hanging Scroll

This video shows the craftsmanship required to make a perfect scroll.  They are an art of devotion and were designed for contemplation.  Their portability is a part of their design, with special fabric tassles to tie up the work.  Often found in Budhist temples or in homes, they have a strict design of framing with concepts of ‘pillars’ at the sides and a ‘heaven’ section above and a ‘hell’ section below.

All these concepts and techniques link back to my introduction to the craft of rice paper and chinese brush painting which was the subject of an earlier workshop and post.

There is a possibility of taking and adapting this to the issue of how to display the possible 36 image poems so far created.

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