Experiences inside the black tent

flowerheads-6Yesterday we welcomed a tented  ‘Camera Obscura’ to school, partly as a late summer term experience and a way of linking digital photographic practice back to the origin of photography.  Janet Ross from VARC – Visual Arts in rural Northumberland and Artist Helen Pailing assembled the tented structure in front of school and welcomed students into the dark space to view the light images created onto a white board projected by lens and mirror mounted at the apex of the teepee-like structure.

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The experience for students was fantastic, the tent was small and intimate, dark  and then suddenly  illuminated by the almost magical image of their school.  Conversations and questions were asked, concepts of  focus and depth of field were illustrated, links were made with the science of optics and refraction,the  history of photographic practice was discussed and the feelings of standing on the base of a camera in a dark room were expressed and valued. An excellent education experience.



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