Designing – for others to make

plans for exhibition-1

There are great risks in getting others to make to formal designs.  I successfully made the drawer component of the exhibition but I need a greater accuracy in the cupboard feature.  Therefore I need to work with a skilled collaborator: Geoff Jackson of Langley furniture Works. There is a degree of absurdity in sitting down and talking about the ugliness of chipboard with Geoff who is a maker of fine furniture, adding insult to injury by asking him to make something from this weak and fibrous material. Team-01

However, Geoff is a consumate maker  and enjoys the creative challenge as this fine picture from his website testifies – a ‘Noddy Car’ for an exhibition at the Centre for the Children’s book.  Geoff is intrigued by the idea and talks of other hidden northumberland factories which make strange or even threatening products – hiding in plain sight.

I need the chipboard printed so collaboration  with Chromazone is also needed.  I have made samples and now need them to print larger sheets to work with.  I am also working with Robin Watson signs to make the vinyls that will go over the Ikea furniture. This has become a process of project management – designing – testing – costing and then allowing this work to be made by others.  A change from my previous practice which focussed on what had been made by hand – primarily by my hand.

The hand of the ‘maker’ will be concealed in the final piece, even though the work will be partially about the process of making from materials…..

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