Coming together 2

Pick up time from Langley Furniture.  Geoff has done an excellent job on assembling the bathroom cabinet.  Its doors have the right cabinet fixings and it balances the perfection of  precision with roughness of the material.

There are other shapes with printed images to pick up, Geoff has cut them to size.  The printing from Chromazone is sound, possibly a bit dark – in hindsight we maybe needed more test runs.  However the grain in the photo and the ‘grain’ in the chipboard work really well together and the best balanced images that have clear inherent contrast work produce a very good ‘material photograph’.

Bcak at the studio, there are still some decisions to be made and making to do.  The mini box on the first square needs to be built.  The two panels that will be used for the ‘scrolls’ need to be unified with a baseboard.  I had an extra 800 mm base square cut which looks well for proportion, but how much grey cloud form should be there?



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