Tilt – Shift – installation day 2

T-Sinstallation-9The installation on day 2 meant rethinking it all.  The linear orientation needed to be broken up, but I did not want to lose the  sense of progression, from flat chipboard origins to a more complete ‘unit’.  I decided to include the ‘frame’, which acts as the full stop and the final view.  This new layout offers more dynamic views and shows the individual pieces reacting to each other more. There is a linear route  through the piece, this time a diagonal that tacks back towards the door and allows viewers to stand among the pieces – to try to fit them together?


With more space the ‘Scrolls’ piece can have more space to breathe….it allows viewers to approach unhindered.

The scrolls look well on their double chipboard background – utilising a spare a printed cloud board to work as a frame, this gives more presence to the piece and links them together better than was achieved in the last installation.


Finally the third piece: Lacking, Needing, Wanting Taking, uses the pillar to create a branch effect, allowing the four box units to be seen as one alone and in contrast to others at 90 degree angles as part of a group, but ultimately all four can never be seen all at once.

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