Water – washing up

This project might be about how we use water, taking it for granted at the same time as being totally dependent on it.  I might focus on the very obvious, straight forwardness of simple activities – like washing hands or in this case the washing up. Maybe finding some visual poetry in this.


Strangely beautiful patterns of the stale suds form on old washing  water.

Three images using different camera settings and edits to emphasise an abstract pattern:

But the human interest is in the actions of the hands.  I shot some 4k video, allowing capture from the video. Tripod arranged above and allowed to spool while I washed.


This edited with strong colour edit to remove yellow cast, desaturation and added grain. The image is uncropped in 16:9 format which was the standard video set up.  There is a lot to explore now in moving away from the rigid 1:1 format which was my preferred standard view from last year’s projects and investigations.


The running water and hand combination is beautiful.  The issue will be trying to  get really good depth of field and sharp focus for stills photographs.  This will need some practice and development.  Probably a much higher iso  will be required – and a better control of light in the scene – use natural light plus maybe add in more daylight through a directional daylight bulb etc.


Black and white edits, with brain like suds – emphasising the texture of the suds and cloth.  Lots of possibilities to show the timelessness of this act of washing.


Different crops and close ups to emphasise the hand.


adding grain – although this still is damaged by low image size – the actual quality direct from camera is quite superb.

There is so much to develop from this – the new camera opens out great possibilities.



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