Bottles – a studio shoot.

Using bottles reclaimed from last year’s flooding as a first subject for a studio based photoshoot in Northumbria Uni – phenomenal resources available to create a ‘set’ with control over lighting – all using the studio’s flash based systems – a change from my ‘continuous light’ based thinking.


initial set up

Importance of camera angle/vantage point and relative strengths of the overhead light and the front/angled lights

Dropping the overhead light so the grey background reads much darker – loses the heavy square reflection visible in the first few.


now starting to work on white balance – yellows in blacks are the problem here


Using the grey card


Final shot 1 – grey reads as grey – reflections are modest – bottles are 3dimensional – mud and patina are visibly part of how the image reads – colur ‘feels’ accurate.


The single bottle portrait.

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