Projection experiments

In a white room with a projector and some video and then later still photography.  Firstly working out how to centre, square and position a video projector and then remembering that if re-photographing with a digital camera – how the photograph records a colour distortion effect.

The purpose was also to look at projection onto different surfaces.  Firstly a board – commercial manufactured wood paneling effect, bought for the previous project and not used.  The video of moving water changed tone, mildly seeming to be part of the board – but not remotely compelling


Then an interruption with a bathroom mirror – partly in reference to Robert Smithson and Nancy Holt’s interruptions in the landscape with mirrors and with light.

The circle of moving light from the reflecting mirror made a gentle moving texture of the water – faint, but with a kind of beauty.


and through and on a plastic bottle…..


projections of composite images onto the Carmichael book

shots from the woods edited into black and white.


and onto dirty stained cotton bag, this time the image was edited to a circle of light and then to black, so that the image appeared to glow within the linen.projections-5

digitally edited into black and white.

Images from the woods, seen through trees, again the black surround in the image isolating the distant view.  This time the projection was on torn paper


The forgotten picturesque……

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