First showings – group crit.


This group crit allowed the first showing of various ideas – the first was the digital collages combining landscape photos with the Carmichael etchings.

The idea of formal framing excited a lot of interest and intital focus was on this piece because it shouted ‘look at me’ in a golden dustry distressed way.  Viewers then speculated about technique – how was it done – what was the provenance or reliability of the image?  People were genuinely intrigued.


The second piece was a large 1.2m flat photo composition with a central mirror and a central projection onto the white area.  The  video projected showed 4 sections of video of moving water mimicing the still photograph. This still shows the projector in the central mirror, but film not running.



The second projection showed a video of running water with excerpts of text taken from William Gilpin.

watch the film:

I speculated about the problems of creating work where so much equipment gets in the way of viewing the work.


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