The River

The River is a first draft ‘film poem’ using words from a Kathleen Raine Poem ‘The River’.  The words are a couplet:

‘Pure I was and free
By the rapid stream’

bardon-mill-still-34The film is just about the beguiling sound of the moving water, held up by branch and stone, and the connection with the visual image of the moving water, in each case obstructed in some way.  The water noise dips in each 30 second section and this appears to slow down the water, when it starts again, the water seems to swirl more quickly.

bardon-mill-still-33Partly inspired by the music of Steve Reich, for example his Sextet for marimbas.  This beguiling piece has a high speed perceived rhythm as a result of how the slow playing marimbas are layered and interspersed.

bardon-mill-still-31The walk to the section of the river at Bardon Mill, was eccentric.  I was looking for the original point of view from JW Carmichael’s view of the Tyne at Bardon Mill, but ended up crossing the river and enjoying the nature reserve on the other side. Wild and slightly unnerving, photographed in black and white…..

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Bizarre signage in the fields………

Could be a title for a photo series?


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