Juan delGado at Isis

Excellent Talk and exposition of work by visiting Spanish artist Juan delGado, artist in  residence at Isis Arts for the next week. delGado is now based in London but has worked internationally with some hauntingly beautiful landscape work based on the Isle of Grain and the margin lands at the Thames delta, including the video Le reve de Newton.


delgad0 described his journey from narratives created from ‘recreated scenarios’ such as the disturbing series called The Wounded Image’ which remade crime scenes that suggest great trauma in the people depicted, dead and injured and his arrival at a new way of working where he tried to ‘unfold the narrative’ from images and video captured on extended journeys in Europe.  The focus of this most recent work is the marks in the landscape made by refugees in his Altered Landscape, a personal response to the Syrian Crisis.


Juan deGardo talked about the importance of sound in his work, not using it at all in some work – a desire not to ‘take common sound for granted’.  In more recent work, the short text of the earlier pieces has been replaced by longer spoken word, which felt like recorded or written testimony.  delGado also emphasised the importance of landscape; ‘Landscape is a witness’…..’it is a landscape of borders’……’the camera follows mobility in the landscape’.

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