Instagram in school

Introduced the new school Instagram account yesterday.  There are multiple issues with Instagram as an educational device, but equally lots of possibilities.

Firstly, I posted a work from last year, created by a highly talented student from last year (now on foundation course).  On it’s own, with banal tagging (#firstpost) it generated, at time of writing, 10 likes and 10 followers.  This, of course is the joy of Instagram, work that had been destined to always be in a sketchbook is presented and appreciated by a host of passers by.

Untitled Print by AD 2016.

Yet, the doubts creep in – who are these people who trail past and leave their trace?  Will our students gain or lose from exploring these trails.

Students also started to use their own ‘school’ instagram accounts – with serious induction about safety and appropriate use.  One student did question wether wether she wanted the digital attention and the openness that was implied, (This of course will be her decision) others jumped into the system with delight as their first works were put under social media scrutiny, presented as creative work rather than purely personal of their own streams.

The analysis of the benefits (or indeed distractions) over the next few months will be interesting.

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