Dark Mirror experiment 1

The ‘dark mirror’ is an idea or concept that has grabbed me.  Dark Mirror-9

This is a self portrait reflected in a iPad screen, working as a mirror, the outline is darkened, but otherwise the image is as faithful as a domestic mirror.  The dark glass is a two way reflector – its hidden light within is a gateway to digital spaces,  its shiny black surface reflects the space of the world around, and the user in their surroundings.

I took the iPad out into the landscape to work as a ‘dark mirror displacement’ similar to the way that the mirror was used in previous experiments with mirror photography.

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The image loses focus and structure through some distortion, it is a darker, bluer tones, but generally keeps the effect of the landscape in a dull watery gloom, sometimes the light is more intense where the iPad/mirror is placed against darker backgrounds.

In all of the cases the scene is staged, the position and rationale for the iPad in the landscape is unexplained, but not really intriguing. There is a brief moment of realisation that the image on the screen is a reflection – but this is not really captivating.


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