Danger in the jungle?

Nothing like a tutorial to send you off where you least expect to go…..


In Paris I saw a number of the great Dounanier Rousseau paintings – this is my photo of La charmeuse de serpents (Rousseau, H. 2007) taken in the Musee Orsay on the recent trip to Paris, those swirling jungles full of the exotic, the danger of the unknown, inpenetrable, superficially decorative, but born of the dream, made real by a painter that never set foot in a jungle.

This is such a good image for my educational research, a metaphor for how difficult work in social media with young people might be, initially and superficially attractive, full of exotic and imagined dangers, inpenetrable at times and a place where teachers rarely go.

Time to clear a path with a sharp machete……



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