Border crossings 1

I am planning a series of photoshoots to record the simplicity of the English Scottish Border as a symbol of old nationalisms rising and recreating new geographies.


My first intended site is the crossing at Carter Bar, high in the Cheviot Hills and site of historic batlles and truce meetings from previous eras of the contested border.

I also am trying to get a sense of all of the sites – possibly as a series of photography/video responses. First link is to Hugh Pumphrey’s blog and a post on a trip to review the eastern end of the border, earlier in March this year.

Hugh’s Map, below, I hope he does not mind my reproduction and link to his excellent blog, identifies 28 possible crossings (with some discrepancy as the road is the border in places). Number 17, Carter Bar, and 18, the road beyond Keilder water are the two most local and known to me.


also of interest is the physical remains of the Scots Dyke – hard to identify and maybe hard to access.  The location of the best section of the remaining mound seems to be set within a wood, this will offer a different visual perspective.

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