Border Stories video edit

The second film I have completed for the installation this week is a re – edit and an extension of some footage shot along the river Tyne at Bardon Mill. It includes varying sound, cutting in and out emphasising the moving water, when the sound drops, the river appears to slow. I have added extra footage recorded at strange stack of stones, the remains of the Roman bridge ramp at Corbridge – I photographed them before in the mist emerging from their past.  In all cases the camera is still and the images are fixed with movement created but cutting from view to view and with the movement of water or leaves against the stones.  There are two border songs read as poems chosen for their relevance to the idea of river and history as border, separation and barrier, written about here. The voice for Water of Tyne is Karen Sikora, my colleague at Northumbria and for Border Ballad the voice is my sister in law Susan Pym, a exiled Scot living in London.

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