Jessica Warboys at Tate St Ives

Jessica Warboy’s combined practice,  including created objects and their representations on film overlapping, becoming sculptures and then animated or still props, is intriguing and If I had more time in my adventure in film and installation, should present a path to pursue.  The Sea paintings, displayed in the big curved gallery at Tate St Ives were dramatic, layered and reflected beautifully in the glass.  I was unable to photograph them directly because of the very highly organised stewarding.  Instead, here are the postcards:


The canvas texture interacts with the paint to create surface.


I enjoyed the layering of images in the curved windows, where sea buildings and landscape merged and recreated like shimmering banners:



Phillip Eckart’s Utube review for Frieze (here) makes the link between the art object as ‘displayed’ and the art object as ‘performed’ in her work. Is there an element of performance I can include in one of the new films – hands in sand, the post, the fence.  There would be a difference between using a found object and using a made ‘art’ object. Possibly text on paper in the landscape, on water. Warbles showed a large sculpture in aluminium sheet increased in scale from a paper piece that had been filmed blowing across the water……

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