Printed Fabrics – trials with natural light

Trying out the transparent printed fabrics, trial sections created by Chromazone.  Seeing which would work best for a ‘window blind’ piece.  The trials were using a printed muslin and a standard mesh banner that is typically used for putting transparent images on ‘Heras’ style fencing around building sites or at events.

I am looking for a way that images can layer through transmitted light – eal background becomes part of the printed image.


The images interact with background well, holding their own, allowing light through and creating the layering transparent effect that I want.  The see through nature of the material is perhaps too much for the window location – it is not functioning like a blind enough.


Martyn seen through the muslin….this works well – so the conclusion might be  to use the muslin within the space?


The mesh banner material seems to create a more balanced effect with more priority to the fabric images and reducing the ‘image value’ of the background.P1060657

The quality of the mesh itself really suits this.  It is almost like a mechanical grain and would work well with images captured on film.  The conclusion is likely to be to use the banner for the window hanging.


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